fav-2-crop-small-640x596Hi. I’m Jennifer. Thanks for visiting my blog about my self discovery of learning to live with complex PTSD with delayed onset. It took my doctors 3 1/2 years to finally discover what was actually happening with me. During that time I struggled to cope with the changes that were taking place in my life.

My doctors tell me I’m an unusual case. I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s been told that. I’m not textbook and therefore it took quite a while to finally discover what I had. Once we finally figured it out all the pieces began to fall into place and it began to make sense to me.

I’ve decided to blog about my self discovery of living with PTSD and the healing process that I’m going through. My hope is┬áthat my story might help someone else who is also struggling and/or family members who are trying to understand how to help their loved ones.

Each person’s story is unique and personal. This is my story. Please be sensitive and understanding as I work through my own self discovery of learning to live with complex PTSD and how I find ways to heal.

This is a sensitive subject for many people who struggle to live with PTSD. I’ve discovered that there are many who suffer in silence. Mental health seems to be one of those topics that people shy away from discussing and yet it is so prevalent in our society.

I know so many people who suffer from PTSD, depression, anxiety, bipolar etc. Most of them keep their diagnosis private and suffer in silence as they try to cope. I’ve decided to break that silence, with regards to my own struggle, in hopes that I can help someone else. The struggle is real and its time we started talking about it. If you struggle with mental health issues please know that you are not alone.

Please join me on my journey to self discovery and healing.